Thursday, February 6, 2014

Winter Olympics, USA Manufactured Uniforms?!

The Olympics start tomorrow in Sochi, Russia, first and foremost, let us all cross our fingers that everything goes smoothly and safely for the athletes and families visiting Sochi.  Secondly, let's talk about MADE IN THE USA. 

 At least Ralph Lauren got things right this year, after being thoroughly criticized  (rightfully so) for manufacturing the 2012 Olympics uniforms in Asia.  He has guaranteed the USA opening and closing ceremony uniforms are 100% from design to finished product Made in the USA!  Seems like it should be a no-brainer, Team USA = Made in USA, but alas, not such a no-brainer. 
 Just look at Burton.  Now, as a long time supporter and lover of Burton, based in Vermont, I am sad to say that their uniforms were NOT Made in the USA!! This is very upsetting to the Made in USA movement.  Burton is a USA based design company and they couldn't even produce their American Olympic athletic uniforms in the USA?  This is a sad step for Burton. 
 With the vintage patchwork quilt style jackets and patches of the American flag, you would automatically think, YES! Made in USA, what a huge win for American Manufacturers. 

 Let's hope, like Ralph Lauren, the next Winter Olympics will be 100% MADE IN USA.  If we can't do it for the American Olympic team uniforms, how are we supposed to do it on an everyday basis?