Friday, April 27, 2012

We are proud to carry handmade men's and women's preppy belts and bracelets by Kiel James Patrick ~ Inspired style by northeast inhabitants, these are perfect for anyone who appreciates classic American style, the open water, and the quality of handmade goods.  


Proudly made in Minnesota, we love our new throw blankets.  Soft, luxurious, durable, and just right for the cottage this summer...


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Support American Manufacturers


   I have had the privilege of working with some of the best companies for sourcing our products that make all of their goods right here on USA soil.  My hope is to spark the minds and hearts of consumers (specifically American consumers) to support and buy goods from these reputable and hard working manufacturers.  They are made up of some of the best craftsmen and talented individuals that are diligently making the best quality products.  
    We all need to go back and remember what it was like when you were younger and bought a shirt that's probably still hanging in your closet now, and looks pretty darn good still, and ya it cost a little more, but the quality and longevity was worth it.  And remember when you didn't have a closet full of these shirts?  You wore your favorite shirt on the weekend, and had a few for work, and maybe a couple that you did yard work in.  
    It's important that we remember those times.  My hope is that when the opportunity arises that you find yourself in the situation of deciding between the cheaper garment and the one made in the USA, that you pause and consider it.