Thursday, January 26, 2012

US Virgin Islands.

We recently travelled to the US Virgin Islands to visit the island of St. Johns. Despite it being the smallest of the Virgin Islands, it is by far the most beautiful. No where else in the Caribbean offers a vacation quite like the US Virgin Islands. Secluded beaches with sugar white sand, local artists and craftsmen, incredible food, culturally diverse and full of history, the Islands never cease to amaze and it is all wrapped up in the safety and security of the American flag.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Linen from California

On one of my voyages across the states, I found a great company doing everything right.  They make everything from pants to shirts to scarves for both men and women, all in a picturesque town just north of San Francisco.  They do cotton, corduroy, and linen in a great way, and everything is done in house, start to finish, by talented  local individuals.  Everything from the raw material, cutting, sewing, and dying each piece is created in California.  The pieces I've selected for our store are beloved among women who seek natural fibers, whimsical design and classic casual style.   Their lines are flattering, and the material is soft and easy to wear.  The shirts for men are really great too.  Nice fit, and perfect for the beach, boat, and pretty much everywhere the wind takes you.

It's like we've struck gold or something.  I love a company that is not only ethical in their practices, but just all in all great to work with.  They've got a great eye for color and certainly the material is excellent.
Check it out on our website:  MEN'S & WOMEN'S